Living the curly life

We all experience life differently based on our race, gender, sexuality and religion but, how much does hair influence our life experience? a lot according to Cheyan Lefvre who says ‘hair is so much more than a simple matter of fashion. It defines us, it exposes us and tells our story of who we are and who we want to be.’

Graphic Designer and illustrator Cheyan Lefvre shares her life expedition as a tall curly headed girl through illustrations. She shares a journey many females of colour go through the journey from relaxed hair to natural hair. She has also composed a inspirational comic for which celebrates natural curly hair.

It’s a  Celebration

today2The comic book put the reader in the shoes of a curly headed female and the basic challenges faced. As much as the comic celebrates Cheyan’s life experience it in essence includes every female of colour who has gone through the same experiences.

Exposing images of females embracing their natural hair is key to empowering females to accept their natural self.  According to Cheyan, learning to know, understand, accept and love a part of yourself — here, curly hair — is often like trying to tame something that appears to be external to yourself. This is why curly hair is often described as a beast whom need to be tamed throughout the comic and blog.

Images portrayal women with curly hair as happy and satisfied with there appearance can be inspirational for younger females.


The pros and cons of having curly hair

Image by Cheyan depitcting the power embracing one’s natural hair could have on future generations.

As much fun as the illustrations are, they address some serious challenge as well as common ideologies about females with curly hair. In many societies straight hair is seen as the ideal and this message can easily be embedded deep in one’s subconscious. When illustrations such as these are put out into the public it creates a space for change. This image encourages its audience to question how many movies depicts multi-racial females with natural hair. It is not a common occurrence a Hollywood movie will depict a black female with natural hair in power.  In this image Wonder women is placed in a black curly headed female rather than a white female with long straight hair.


Sneak peak into our thoughts 

Cheyan illustration further expose some of that have most likely been asked to every female with curly hair.  “You look SO much better with straight hair” Why? because I would look more like you? or like everyone around me? Cheyan images answers these question with a quirky response. Here sarcasm draws on how the question asked to her are seemly normal but her question such as, “You look so much better with less make-up” seems less normal and insulting.


“Can I touch your hair?”  

This question can offend many females of colour because it often makes them feel if they are abnormal and animal like according to Darne’ a 20 year beauty shop assassinate. This can be traced back to slavery where women of colour were often treated as community of property.



You are you

The overall blog encouraged women to embrace there natural hair a deal with the attention it may draw in public, the questions, the pros and the cons. This blog attends to a topic in society that needs more attention in a fun way. As noted your hair is a part of your identity and should be embraced.







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