Curly girls unite

It is time for females to embrace their natural hair and find products that promote their hair type. Using the correct products can help hair heal after heat and chemicals abuse. Dove has launched a product range, campaign  and book to help females of all ages to embrace their natural hair. The project aims to encourage young females to embrace their curly hair. The love your curls movement has the power to generate a new generation of females who are proud of their natural hair. The project further aims to encourage young girls to love themselves and boost their self confidence.

Love your curls: Campaign 

Dove has done extensive research into how standards of beauty had affected how young girls self esteem is influenced by how they view their curly hair. A global study was conducted in September of 2004 called “THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT BEAUTY: A GLOBAL REPORT” . The report was specially done for Dove to find out the global understanding of women, beauty and well-being – and the relationship between them.

Image: Camilla, aged 5
Image from Dove love your curls campaign video.

The Real Truth About Beauty study attempts to “deconstruct” and “reconstruct” women’s perceptions of female beauty using applied research across ten countries. Over the 10 countries 60% to 90% of the women use hair care products to look beautiful. The research unpacks how the ideal of females beauty is in many ways is a global concept enforced through the mass media.

I would encourage all women and men to read this article to again a broadened perspective of how standards of female beauty influence females self esteem. Although the report did not include South Africa in its study the concept of female beauty can bee seen as global and therefore still relevant in the South African context.

If you would like to be part of the change Dove has resources to help  moms, dads, guardians , teachers, mentors and youth leaders change how young girls perceive beauty. The resources include activities, self-esteem workshops guidelines and lots more. To access these resources click here.


Love your curls: Campaign Video 

Images of female beauty often come from the media and these images often perpetuate that straight hair is beautiful. Sadly natural curly hair is deemed unacceptable, unprofessional and not beautiful in many societies. This is why the Dove love your curls campaign is sending such an important message into society.

The Dove Love Your Curls video emphasizes the harsh reality of how young girls feel about their curly hair.


Love your curls: Book 

Love your curls is a book filled with poems and installations that elegantly outline the life experiences of many female with curly hair.

Love your curls book cover image.

The book is easily accessible (PDF download) and can be personalized and printed. This book could easily make a perfect gift for a young girl with curly hair because it could help her accept, embrace and love her hair.


“For all of the curly girls and the beautiful women
they will grow up to be. May you always embrace
the unique hair that makes you who you are.”

This is the message the book, filled with inspiring poems and instillation, leaves you with. Find out more from the author, Taiye Selasi.

Love your curls: Products 

Dove has produced a new hair care range called Quench Absolute  designed for dry, course and curly hair. The range aims to nourish hair and help define curls.

Stephanie Lee a YouTube Vogger provides tutorial on how to use Dove Quench Absolute products. Click here to visit her vlog.

Love your curls: Emojis

Straight-haired emoticons are cool, however they are strengthening the dominant ideology of female beauty. These inclusive curly-haired emoticons designed by the Dove love your curls campaign helps steer ideals of beauty into a new direction. Recently Whatsapp included emoticons of different races and hopefully they will include curl-haired emoticons too. Something as minor as a emoticon in our current multi media driven society can help someone feel fairly represented. 

Download: Curly Emoticons  for free

Dove Love Yourself Emoji – Encouraging all women to embrace their natural hair

Love your curls: Time for change 

Dove love your curls has touched on a very powerful part of the female identity that may be just as powerful as race and gender. The campaign has successfully found interactive ways of challenging ideals of female beauty  in aim of generating  a new generation of females with a more inclusive ideology of beauty.


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